Aikido school Henbo

henbo IX 2008

Henbo aikido dojo is one of the clubs which founded the Macedonian aikido federation - Aikikai Macedonia. The aikido practiced at Henbo is not some new or changed style of aikido, it is the authentic aikido developed by the founder Morihei Ueshiba.

The school main trainer is Damjan Cingarski.

The aikido is being studied according the didactical system made by Masatomi Ikeda sensei. This system is characterized by an exceptional methodology for teaching and learning, which despite the fact that it is designed especially for the westerners, it provides understanding of the authenticity of aikido and its core principle of no-resistance. The examination program for degrees is also made by Masatomi Ikeda sensei.

At Henbo Aikido dojo, as an inseparable part of aikido, aikiken (techniques with a sword) and aikijo (techniques with a stick) are being studied. Since we follow the Ikeda sensei's system in its fullness, we also study Hojo (a kenjutsu martial art - katas with a sword) and Genkikai (system of exercises for physical health).

The members of Henbo are practicing at regular bases, they visit international seminars in the home country and abroad and are regularly examined for degrees by our mentor Quaranta sensei.

On several occasions when the media were interested in the martial art Aikido and in the activities of Henbo Aikido dojo, reportages and guest appearances on different media shows were made.