• Aikido

    Aikido is a martial art with nonviolent character. It is an attitude towards life. It is finding our place in the surrounding and a harmonious blending with the energy flow around us. Only in this harmonious flow can we move the things toward a wanted goal. * As a martial art it is characterized by using the opponents own strength and energy. Complete body balance and a calm mind are necessary. Aikido is highly effective for self-defense.
  • Hojo

    Hojo is the first kata of the traditional Jikishinkage school for fencing. Exercise is done in pairs and heavier wooden swords are being used. The hojo kata is composed of four parts - spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season contains 6-8 ritual movements that express universal principles. Posture, expression of movement and correct breathing in the Hojo kata are very important and very helpful to aikidokas.
  • Genki-kai

    Genki Kai exercises are for physical relaxation and mental peace. It is necessary to actively experience these conditions in order to fully understand them. The basic exercises for the body in a sitting and laying position form a cycle which can be repeated if necessary. The most important thing is proper breathing. Exercise is done individually or with a partner. With this inner purification Genki Kai has many positive effects on our health.
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