Short biography


Damjan Cingarski is born in 1978 in Skopje.

Education: Master of Architecture (Faculty of Architecture - Skopje)

Proffesion: Architect

Martial arts involvement:

In September 2000 he starts training "Real Aikido" (martial art created by Ljubomir Vracarevic from Serbia, which besides the name has very little in common with Aikido). Through his improvement in this martial art he begins to be interested in Aikido and in April 2002 curiosity takes him to his first aikido seminar in Novi Sad, Serbia, held by Michele Quaranta sensei (Aikikai appointed shidoin in ASCA - Switzerland). Quaranta sensei spreads the aikido inharited from Masatomi Ikeda shihan, his teacher. Seeing the difference and feeling the true nature of Aikido, Damjan Cingarski decides to dedicate himself to Aikido and to start following the teachings of Masatomi Ikeda shihan. At that period of time the Aikido availability in Skopje is poor so he continues to self-develope and visits all the seminars that he can, going to the neighboring countries.

In 2003 he becomes a member of the Aikido federation of Serbia and Montenegro - Aikikai SCG, in order to have the opportunity to be examined for kyu degrees in a recognized organization by Aikikai Foundation in Japan. He is examined for all degrees by Michele Quaranta sensei. He now has the rank of 3rd Dan.

In April 2005 together with a group of enthusiasts he decides to start a dojo of his own at which he can practice and promote aikido in an organized way. So, Henbo aikido dojo was created.

In 2006 he becomes president of the Macedonian Aikido Federation - Aikikai Macedonia.

In April 2008 passes the 1 ° Dan exam in front of Michele Quaranta sensei.

In March 2011 passes the 2 ° Dan exam in front of Michele Quaranta sensei.

In September 2012 takes a trip to Japan, to the congress organized by the International Aikido Federation (IAF). On the same occasion, spends a week practicing at the center of the aikido world - Aikikai Hombu in Tokyo.

In March 2015 passes the 3 ° Dan exam in front of Michele Quaranta sensei.

He has participated in over 110 Aikido seminars across Europe, of which 9 weekly summer school and has attended the special school for coaching in the didactic system of Ikeda Masatomi sensei .


Please come 15 min before the start of a regular training to speak with the teacher about enrolling.

Minimum age for childrens group: 7 yr.

Minimum age for adults group: 15 yr.



 19:30 - 20:30
(1 hour)


19:30 - 20:30
(1 hour)

19:30 - 20:30
(1 hour)

20:30 - 22:00
(1,5 hour)

20:30 - 22:00
(1,5 hour)

20:30 - 22:00
(1,5 hour)



Henbo mapa smallWe train in the gym of the elementary school "J. H. Pestaloci", which is located near the mall "Bunjakovec". The gym has a mat surface of 150 m2

Address: Apostol Guslarot no. 3

Click on map for easier navigation.



Exercise equipment consists of kimono (or regular sporting clothes - no shorts allowed) and you need slippers for getting from the dressingroom to the mat.



Option: Mothly fee: Family discount:
for 2 members for 3 members for 4 members
Three times a week (12 sessions)
1200 denars 2000 denars 2600 denars 3000 denars
Two times a week (8 sessions)
1000 denars 1700 denars 2000 denars 2200 denars
Three times a week (12 sessions) + additional private lessons
3000 denars by agreement by agreement by agreement
One session training
300 denars


Further information - tel: +389 76 697000.

You are welcome!

*) Anyone who has missed more than 5 trainings during the month is considered a non-regular member.